The complexity and cost of major construction projects require efficient management to ensure that there is adequate control of manpower, time and expenditures. The Project Management technique facilitates the implementation of all functions necessary to achieve this objective efficiently while permitting the Client the degree of control and flexibility to realize their expectations and goals.

By utilizing Project Management principles, the Project Manager relieves the Client of the responsibilities for providing an organization to deal specifically with the Planning, Design and Construction of the new facility, The Project Manager acts as an agent on behalf of the Client and will have the responsibility to manage various disciplines to satisfy the objectives of the project.

The Project Manager may utilize his own staff, consultants, contractors and suppliers to undertake the project to ensure resources, manpower and finances are judiciously utilized to achieve the overall project objectives. The Client will be kept informed of all work progress, financial implications and commitments on a on going basis.


Construction Management is a method of providing professional management and expertise for any construction program large or small. The objective of this technique is to provide a Team Concept for the construction project by establishing a management team consisting of the Client, Architect, Consultants and Construction Manager.

This method provides the basis for all disciplines to work together in a non-adversarial environment to achieve the Client's objectives in an efficient and productive manner. The Construction Manager acts as an advisor to both the Client and Consultants during the planning and development of the project and will assume total responsibility for the construction phase from inception to completion.

Construction Management Services may include pre-construction planning, estimating, cost control, budgeting, scheduling and tendering of ail trade contractors. By utilizing these components in an effective manner provides the basis to control project costs and meet or exceed the objectives of the program.

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"Simply put, project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of a specific project. Project management itself, however, is anything but simple. Its an incredible balance of asking the right questions before a project even goes a head, engaging all stakeholders in a carefully laid out plan, diligent adherence to budgets and timelines, and thorough follow-up and project evaluation upon completion.
- Globe & Mail Newspaper 2009
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